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We are a small team of highly experienced individuals with a passion for health, fitness and diet. We have around 20 years of experience running health and fitness websites between us.

We enjoy helping webmasters create useful information websites, blogs, facebook pages and youtube channels to spread the word about building muscle, getting fit and eating healthier.

In the process we help you, the hard working webmasters, earn a fair income.


Rob has been working out and eating healthily since he was a young teenager.

He is a qualified personal trainer and loves keeping active. In 2004, before the internet become cool place to hang out, he started creating and running websites. He has built up a great deal of knowledge about fitness, diet, website conversions and SEO. Rob enjoys full body strength workouts and MMA.


Dave was a keen football player while he was growing up, he has now swapped the field for the gym and lifts regularly.

With a keen interest in diet and health, Dave began running health websites in 2008 and has since gained a vast knowledge about website conversions, SEO and content creation.


Robbie handles the e-commerce development and associated systems for Stacked Brands.

Robbie was once a fit man who participated in long distance fell running events, but a few years as a father turned him into a slightly squashy shadow of his former self. However, a year on he is almost back to former fitness, and whilst not quite ‘Shredded’ he is getting there. One day he just might end up on the TestoFuel testimonials page.

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