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It’s all about our brands. Established, high-quality brands convert well. That is what customers are looking for.

Our brands have been around for several years and have numerous celebrity and athlete endorsements, hundreds of testimonials and are rated highly on best list and reviews. All this helps with your conversions.


An all-natural testosterone boosting supplement that has been extensively researched and formulated for guys that are trying to increase their strength, build muscle, increase their energy levels and libido.

Established in 2012, it is the leading testosterone booster online. The formula has been updated 5 times since it’s launch. The ingredients are backed by the latest studies.

Promote this on your general testosterone booster traffic and for younger guys.

  • Commission rate: 50 – 60%
  • Average order $121
  • Average commission: $60.50

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Aimed at the over 35 male market, for guys that are looking to increase their energy levels, improve their sex lives and get back into shape. It’s also a natural alternative for low testosterone treatments.

There are two products in this brand, the original testosterone booster and the more recent male enhancement supplement. Both sell well individually and as bundles.

Endorsed by an NFL players and a leading movie action hero. It is the number 1 choice for older guys who want to be in Prime health.

  • Commission rate: 50 – 60%
  • Average order amount: $135
  • Average commission amount: $67.50

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A powerful male fat burner used by MMA fighters and legendary coach Greg Jackson, it has strong credibility which hugely improves conversions.

The natural ingredients work as a thermogenic and appetite suppressant, helping users to lose fat and get back into shape.

It is the number 1 male fat burner online that is also used by women. This brand is ideal for your male and female weight loss traffic.

  • Commission rate: 50 – 60%
  • Average order: $91.23
  • Average commission: $45.61

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Hunter Evolve

The Ultimate Performance range, 3 high-dosed supplements that contain the absolute best ingredients available in large amounts. Each bottle contains 180 capsules.

Consisting of a testosterone booster, fat burner and nootropic. It offers everything needed to improve performance and get into shape. Customers often order all 3 products at the same time.

At $80 per bottle and 60% commission. It is the highest paying offer available to affiliates in these categories.

  • Commission rate: 60%
  • Average order: $146
  • Average commission: $87.60

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Hourglass Fit

The female diet pill designed to help women get a fit, sexy Hourglass shaped gym-fit body.

A safe caffeine-free formula that works as a thermogenic and a strong appetite suppressant. The main ingredient glucomannan is clinically proven to aid with weight loss and has strong studies supporting these claims.

Aimed at women of all ages that are looking to lose weight, it’s ideal for your female diet pill traffic.

  • Commission rate: 60%
  • Average order: $66.76
  • Average commission: $40.01

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